Sunday, 6 October 2013

I love summer tag

Saw this post on these lovely blogs and had to join in! 
Mother City Mom
Lipgloss Kisses
Pink Peonies
Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!
Favourite bronzer for summer?
I am always sun tanned in summer so have never needed a bronzer! And as most of you will know by now, I'm not really into the whole make up thing!
You’re relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island. What are you sipping on?
Sex on the beach or a mojito. Or a strawberry daiquiri! (Gosh that's a tough one - can I really only choose one???) 
Favourite summer lip product?
I use the labello with an spf in it, and whenever I put my factor 50 on my face, I always include my lips! I am prone to cold sores so do whatever I can to protect my lips. .
Pool or beach?
The beach without a doubt! The sandy, salty feeling on my skin at the end of the day is the best! However on a windy day I'm all about the pool!
Summer = crazy hair. What’s your must-have styling product?
My hair is naturally WILD - think thick, curly lion hair! I use a lot of conditioner when I wash it, but have found that salt does wonders for controlling my curls and giving me that sexy beach look.
Sun bathing or fake tan?
I have never used a fake tan product in my life! I am all about the real sun - but am dedicated to using a GOOD sun screen as I am prone to burning if I'm not careful. 
Favourite summer nail polish?
Anything bright or lumo on my toes, hands I'm still stuck on french - with maybe a pink every now and again when I'm feeling brave 
Any summer traditions?
Just to be outdoors!! We love being outside surrounded by nature, enjoying the sound of the birds chirping, the waves crashing onto the shore, the feel of sand between our toes. We will spend many a day down on the beach with friends playing frisbee or touch rugby. The kids body board, the men (and Zoe) surf, the girls pack enormous picnic baskets and we will spend the whole day outside having fun! 
Favourite summer scent?
I have 4 perfumes, all of which are down to the last few sprays (boooo!) CK One, Coco Mademoiselle, Jean Paul Gaultier and Hugo Boss Femme. Are we supposed to switch them up in different seasons?? 
Favourite BBQ food?
Firstly, it's a BRAAI!!!!!
Secondly - I am a meat eater!!! Give me steak, a chop, some boerewors or a pork rasher and I'm good to go!! 
What’s your favourite summer-proof product?
Sun screen - I can't say enough about it!!! I have found that the Banana Boat brand works the best for my sensitive skin! 
Any summer vacation plans this year?
Every second Christmas is bittersweet for me... Zoe will be with her mom and Chris will be in Senegal - so I will be up in Durbs with my family. As much as I love sharing the holidays with my "Semplings" (The nick name we have for my siblings, my maiden name is Semple!) It is hard being away from my two most special people in the world! 

This year is going to be a whole new challenge for me though, as I am going to be one month away from Ironman!!!!!! So I won't be drinking any much alcohol, and most of my time will be dedicated to hard core training! Thank goodness Durban has a wonderful warm sea for me to swim in, as I am an absolute ninny when it comes to cold water! I am going to rope in my younger sisters to help me with the swimming - Derryn and Kendra are ex Springbok synchronised swimmers, so I am sure they will have some awesome swim sessions planned for me! My older sister Tanille has completed the Comrades Marathon, and I am going to be calling on her for some running training. She is currently training for the 2014 race so will tag along on some of her runs too! 

What do you have planned for your summer holiday??


  1. I love this tag! I miss summer so much already since it's nice to spend so much time outdoors in good weather.

  2. So glad you use a sunscreen when tanning in the sun - it's so important! :)

    Good luck with the Ironman, girl!


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